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About Land Polymers Limited (LPL)

The Land family have been involved in materials reclamation since 1967, back then specialising in fuels and aggregates. Through the engineering skills of Mr Brian Land they developed systems for the screening and washing of Victorian landfill sites to extract commodities such as coal, stone and coke etc… The company later became the local coal merchants until solid fuel became less used by the public.

Then in 1988, Brian Land ventured into a different form of materials recovery by specialising in the service of collection, segregation and analysis of waste plastics for recycling. This was mainly from manufacturing and industry in the early days, focussing on post-use packaging in all forms such as pallet wrap, crates, trays etc… But the company also created on-site systems for industries such as glass manufacturers, dairies, automotive, film convertors and shower tray manufacturers, providing them with bespoke segregation systems allowing continued efficient production, reduction in landfill, whilst also providing competitive rebates for the recyclable polymers.

The company progressed with the introduction of Brian’s son Tim and continued to grow and develop with the ever changing face of recycling creating specialist and bespoke systems for the industry.

LPL now has a 4 hectare site where various plastic waste streams are segregated for baling, shredding and/ or granulating, this large piece of land enables us to handle the logistics of collecting and receiving large volumes of plastic waste in and recycled plastics out. We also have another facility that handles only shredding and granulation of various plastic waste streams.

The LPL team between them have many years experience in the recycling of plastic waste. This experience enables us to offer our customers the best solutions for their plastic waste. It also enables us to find suitable destinations for the recycled plastic once it has been through our facility.

We pride ourselves in finding solutions for a vast amount of previously un-recyclable plastics. Please call us if you have a plastic waste that is proving to be difficult to recycle, we will do our utmost to assist in finding a solution for it.

Most forms of plastic, from rigid plastics to film can be reprocessed at our two recycling facilities in West Yorkshire. We pride ourselves in keeping as much of the reprocessed plastic components i.e. the regrind material and baled film, here in the UK as possible, we are currently running at 60% of these materials going back in to UK companies to be reprocessed in to end products.