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As recycling demands have increased over the years, our vision has been to develop and evolve new techniques of recycling to maintain our competitive edge within the industry.

Part of our On-Site operations include many different machines and ancillaries to provide the most efficient recycling of our clients waste streams. Some of these include –

  • 12 x Granulators of various size to handle items as small as sprues and skeletal waste up to heavy duty gas and water pipe.
  • 2 x Large Shredders – handling materials as large as 3m Diameter Lump and Head Waste
  • 7 x Separation Systems bespoke to particular waste streams
  • 200 tonne Twin Ram Harris Baler
  • Optical Sorting
  • Bespoke Pneumatic Conveying Systems
  • Wash systems
  • ……………with many new projects coming soon!

Because certain waste streams can be bulky yet light it is crucial that a maximum payload for the transporting vehicle is achieved before it leaves our client’s site. This not only helps maximise rebates for the material, but reduces fuel costs which helps lower emissions and our carbon footprint.

Items of equipment that we can provide to our clients are as follows –

  • 35cuyd RORO Open Top Skips
  • Enclosed Compactor Skips
  • 100kg – 700kg Vertical or Horizontal Baling Press
  • Twin or Triple Chamber Baling Press
  • Receptacles such as Metal cages, Octibins, Dolavs & FLCs
  • Collection Stands
  • Tipper Bins

Typically we can advise and provide the most efficient means of on-site collection and storage. Please call us today and we shall carry out a full on-site Audit of your waste on 01924 403703